Jeffrey A. Honickman
The Honickman Group of Companies

Mr. Honickman is CEO of a group of beverage bottling and distribution companies collectively known as Honickman Affiliates.  He began his career with the family-owned soft drink business in 1981.  After serving in various capacities, he assumed his current position in 1990.  Under his direction, the organization expanded into the malt beverage distribution business through a series of joint ventures. Together the companies operate over 1,000 routes from more than 20 distribution centers.

The soft drink distributing companies include the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Companies of New York and South Jersey as well as Canada Dry Bottling Companies located from New York to Richmond.  These companies distribute and/or manufacture leading brands from PepsiCo, Cadbury, Arizona, Glaceau, and others. The malt beverage distribution businesses operate in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These companies distribute, among other brands, Coors, Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Sam Adams, Yuengling, and a large portfolio of specialty items.  These privately owned companies do not publish their financial information.

Mr. Honickman serves on the Board of Directors of Comcast Corporation as well as several non-profit Boards. He also serves on several industry-related Boards including The American Beverage Association, The Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Association and The 7-Up Bottlers Association.

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