The Beverage Forum Breakout Sessions are key, industry specific fixtures of the conference line-up. These thought-provoking sessions provide analysis on a wide array of topics including key current trends and in-depth discussions of recent industry developments that are impacting the beverage industry.

Group 1 (to run concurrently)

I. Top Trends Shaping Refreshment Beverage Market
What are the key trends shaping liquid refreshment beverage performance? What's behind the success of the fastest growing categories? Which new products hold the most promise? What does the future hold for refreshment beverages? Chock full of insights and data, this fast-paced session will answer these questions and many more. Plus, get a first-hand look at some just-launched beverages.
Presented by: Gary A. Hemphill, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Information Services, Beverage Marketing Corporation

II. Brand Building: The Money & the Manpower
Before a startup brand can, well, start up, the company behind it needs the right kind of partners on two fronts: financial and distribution. Experts from both sides of that investment spectrum—private equity firms and beverage wholesalers—weigh in on what types of brands they want to get behind and what entrepreneurial beverage companies need to be looking for in prospective brand building partnerships.
Presented by: Alexander S. Panos, Managing Director, TSG Consumer Partners, J. Ross Colbert, Executive Director, Global Strategist - Beverages, Rabobank International, Gerry Martin, Vice President of Marketing & Immediate Consumption Sales, Polar Beverages and Bob Brockway, President & COO, Pepsi Cola & National Brand Beverages, Ltd, Canada Dry Delaware Valley Corporation and Canada Dry Potomac Corporation

Group 2 (to run concurrently)

I. Top Trends Shaping Beverage Alcohol Market
Seeking market insights on alcoholic beverages? Join us for this intriguing alcoholic beverage session. Learn about the trends shaping consumption in the ongoing marketplace battle between beer, wine and spirits. Find out which segments are shining brightest. How packaging is helping to shape market innovation. Learn whether consumers are still trading up. Which segments will see the fastest growth in the future. And more.
Presented by: Brian Sudano, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, BMC Strategic Associates and Alisa Joseph, VP Advertiser Marketing Services, Scarborough Research

II. Crafternoon Tutorial & Tasting
With consistent double-digit year-on-year growth, the craft beer segment remains the most exciting narrative in the U.S. beer market. Discover some of the stories behind that story and enjoy a taste tutorial as you sip a few offerings from select breweries driving growth and momentum among the more than 2,000 craft brewers on the market.
Presented by: Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director, Brewers Association