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uptainKen Uptain
CEO & Founder
Essentia Water

Ken Uptain is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Essentia Water, supercharged ionized alkaline water that is better at rehydrating than a leading bottled water.1 After a successful career in construction and real estate development, Ken emerged out of semi-retirement to establish Essentia Water and bring its benefits to the mainstream. Ken had met with experts locally and globally, including Dr. Hanaoka in Japan who shared his research on the rehydration potential of ionized water, before embarking on perfecting his own proprietary ionization process.

In 1998, well ahead of the industry, Ken pioneered the first ionized alkaline water offered in the US, which remains the #1 alkaline water sold nationally.2 Ken’s drive to help people and deliver meaningful results has endeared him to many and most importantly to his loyal employees.

Ken is an entrepreneur who lives by a “work hard, have fun” motto. In his free time, Ken enjoys golfing and fishing.